Keratin pre-bonded

hair extensions



Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions are one of the most popular methods available on the market. Considered as a permanent method, its durability varies between 3 and 6 months. You have fine, short, bleached or thick hair or a layered cut? You would like to give your hair more volume or simply switching up your hair color with highlights without dying your hair? It is the best method for you!

Our keratin hair extensions are made of top quality Indian human hair to ensure exceptional results and make your hair stronger, shinier and softer. It is the most durable method and fusion bonds blend seamlessly into your own hair. This hot fusion method won’t damage your hair. Our keratin hair extensions are composed of polymer to ensure they stay tangle free. This compound has a molecular structure that is very similar to human hair. Because fusion bonds do not melt when exposed to hot water or hair dryer, there is no risk of developing an allergy associated to keratin or our hair extensions.

It is important not to confuse this method with the old method or fusion bonds that were originally made of beeswax.

Our keratin hair extensions are sold in 25 strand packs (available in 22-26″ lengths – 1g/strand per pack).

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