Several people think that Remy means quality and they do not associate it to a hair extension brand. Top quality Remy hair extensions are 100% natural Indian human hair. They do not contain any synthetic fiber – cuticle is intact and scales all lie in the same direction. With Remy hair, you will have top quality, soft and silky, tangle free hair extensions. But be careful and verify your sources! Many retailers are pretending to sell Remy hair, but it is a false representation.

You may refer to the color that looks like your hair length or ends. This way, you will get the most natural look. Please see our section color chart to find all available colors in a larger format. If eventually you would like to color your natural hair, it is recommended to select your hair extensions once your hair is color treated. If you are hesitant about selecting the color, please contact us: it will be a pleasure assisting you!

If you are a beginner or hesitant about selecting the method, we suggest that you start by using clip-in hair extensions, because they fit to all hair types.
However, if you prefer to have longer hair, there are three different permanent methods for you: keratin pre-bonded hair extensions, micro-ring hair extensions or striped hair extensions. Find out more about the different options by referring to our section hair extensions.

No! You must take care of your hair extensions. Please read our hair care recommendations to keep your hair in a great condition. To avoid any problems, please work closely with a skilled and qualified hair extension professional. In summary, if you take good care of your hair extensions and if they are professionally applied by respecting the health of your hair, it is unlikely that you will damage your hair.

Please refer to the table below to get information on permanent methods (micro-rings, keratin or hair extension tapes). Please note that each pack include 25 g of hair:

VOLUME ONLY1-21-21-2

Yes and No! You can dye your hair extension by using a non-aggressive coloration to get lighter or darker shades. In order to achieve this, select a lighter color that the color of your choice. If you want to lighten your hair extensions, know that you cannot bleach them. Any chemical treatments will damage considerably your hair extensions and in fact, you won’t find satisfaction.

Regardless of the method used, all our hair extensions curl when wet (beach look). On the other hand, use a flat iron to fuse your hair extensions. You have the best of both worlds with these top quality hair extensions: you can have straight or curly hair extensions!

To get a natural look and to be able to cover your extension bonds, hair extension tapes or clips, it is recommended to apply hair extensions when hair is at least 6 inches long. Also, please note that shorter is your natural hair, the more likely you will need to match your hair extension length, if you want to get a natural look. As your hair grows, longer you can go.